Inhaled Advantage

Avalyn employs an experienced development team with broad expertise developing inhaled therapies to treat life-threatening respiratory diseases. We analyze factors such as the severity of lung disease, a drug’s mechanism of action, and the specific disease indication to determine the most effective inhaled delivery platform for patients.

Avalyn maximizes the therapeutic potential of our product candidates by optimizing their lung delivery while avoiding systemic levels associated with side effects

Whether a dry powder inhaler, metered-dose inhaler, or nebulizer, our goal is to deliver inhaled formulations of effective medicines directly to lung tissue, thus avoiding side effects associated with systemic drug delivery. While oral drugs are often convenient for patients, medications for lung diseases require large oral doses to overcome the inefficiencies of gut absorption, first-pass metabolism, and blood dilution prior to reaching the lung. These large doses often create and amplify side effects to an unacceptable level.

Avalyn’s inhaled formulations contain optimized dose levels that effectively match the drug’s required exposure profile while avoiding systemic levels associated with side effects. Specifically, small-inhaled doses delivered directly to the lung result in oral-superior lung drug levels that carry potential to improve treatment benefit. Because these inhaled doses are small, resulting blood levels following absorption from the lung are well-below those following oral delivery, holding promise to substantially reduce oral-observed side effects, further improving their potential safety and tolerability profiles compared to the first-generation oral products.